Mario Hellmich's Private Homepage

About this web page

On this web page I present some of my private electronics activities and projects. It is still in a state of construction. The plan is to add some more of the stuff I have been doing in the (hopefully) not so distant future as soon as time permits, and as soon as I complete new projects.

My interests in electronics center around all things related to high frequency and microwave electronics, fancy analog electronics, as well as test and measurement equipment, in both theory and practice. Inevitably I do use microcontrollers and other digital stuff for my projects, but that is not my main focus, and I certainly do not qualify as an embedded systems expert.

This page is hand-knitted in HTML5 with CSS and with minimal sophistication (I hope to improve this soon), using only Notepad++. I do not mess with any of the data leeches like Google and Facebook, therefore this website is free of trackers and like buttons or social media plugins of any kind. It is tested with Firefox and Microsoft Edge, there may be some problems with Internet Explorer.

About me

That's me.

I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Bielefeld near the Teutoburg Forest in northwest Germany. Despite repeated affirmations to the contrary this city does indeed exist, and I am not one of “them”.

From early on I had an intense interest in all sorts of technical things, especially when they were electrical, and I explored this interest by taking all sorts of stuff apart. Only in later years this became somewhat more constructive.

I have a background in theoretical physics and hold a PhD in mathematical physics from the University of Bielefeld. For this reason I also like to look at the theoretical and mathematical background of things related to electronics.

Today I live most of the time in Salzgitter and work as a scientific officer for a German government institution.